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We all strive for inner peace and joy. If you’re searching for that missing jigsaw piece then I can help you find it. I work holistically to ensure you move beyond any current obstacles or challenges holding you back from the life you desire. Our sessions may incorporate body work, coaching and/or spiritual work depending on your specific needs right now. Each day is a new beginning and what will work today may need to change tomorrow.

FEAR is a powerful and palpable emotion that can stop you in your tracks.Sometimes, it is good at preventing you from major disasters whilst others times keeping you STUCK and feeling helpless. Let me help you break down those walls so you can live an energized and joyful life which makes you feel passionate about living.

Mentor & Coaching Services

According to Human Needs Psychology, we have 6 Human Needs and how you prioritise these needs will depend on how you experience life and living. I am trained in understanding these needs, working how you organise them and how to make the most of your life

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Massage & Reiki Treatments

I have been practicing as a massage therapist since 1996. Over the years, I have also gained various qualifications in alternative therapies, giving me a wide spectrum of experience to call upon as an integrated body worker.

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Take your first step towards a healthier and stress-free lifestyle today. Simply book an appointment online with me below and I’ll look forward to meeting you in the clinic (or over the phone) soon and helping you stride forward!

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Schedule a session with me today to help you move through your challenges with encouragement, motivation, and passion.